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My Mission Statement

My mission is to educate and protect Americans from the devastating costs of long-term care. Families do not realize how important long-term care insurance is until they are uninsurable or actually need long-term care. I don't want that to happen to you!

I specialize in long-term care insurance and represent several high quality, financially sound long-term care insurance companies. I can assist you in designing the proper plan for you and your family. This site is designed to answer questions, address your concerns and provide information and options regarding long-term care insurance.

About Paul LeWinter

Paul LeWinter is one of the top long-term care specialists in the country. He began selling this insurance over 17 years ago, and is committed to providing his clients with the best information in order for them to make the most appropriate decision for themselves regarding long-term care insurance.

"I have seen and heard of too many people depleting their life savings paying for this expensive care. It's not necessary. Insurance is pennies on the dollar to protect your nest egg and provide your family with peace of mind."

His career in long-term care started through a family situation, as his mother has had Alzheimer's for over 7 years. He saw first-hand what happened to his parents, both financially and emotionally. Today, he helps families plan for the future so they won't suffer the financial and emotional burden that Paul saw with his family.

Paul specializes exclusively in long-term care insurance. He conducts group talks and seminars as well as advising individuals, couples, and business owners on how to evaluate their financial risks associated with this potentially devastating problem.

Paul is nationally recognized in the long-term care insurance field. He is a member of the elite President's Council, which is composed of the top producers in the country. His extensive experience allows him to help people like you determine what their long-term care insurance needs may be as well as help them shop the top companies for the best coverage at the lowest cost.