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ASK about how we can guarantee you INCOME for life

Retirement Income Planning
Why risk the retirement nest egg that you have worked so hard to build?

If you would like to:
  • Enjoy solid financial guarantees
  • Make sure that you never outlive your retirement savings
  • Share in market growth, with no market risk
  • Increase your monthly income
  • Reduce your taxes


You can enjoy the lifestyle you deserve throughout your retirement. So contact us today for a free and confidential consultation on how to guarantee that your retirement funds last as long as you do.

Life Insurance

Protect your family if the unthinkable happens.

A Life insurance policy pays a cash benefit, tax free, to your beneficiaries when you die. The amount of money for which you are insured and the type of insurance you buy depends on your needs.

Term Insurance Permanent Insurance Universal Life Insurance
Summary Low cost, temporary protection for times of high financial risk (e.g. when you have a mortgage) Stable lifelong protection without the complexities of universal life. Over the long term, it offers generally a better financial choice than buying and renewing term insurance. A more flexible but intricate type of insurance that combines long term life insurance with an opportunity for tax-deferred savings
Duration Coverage will end at a certain age Guaranteed lifetime protection Typically lifetime protection
Amount of insurance Once chosen, doesn't change Once chosen, doesn't change Choice of level or increasing amount of insurance
Cost Lowest initial cost, but cost may increase each 5, 10 or 20 years. Cost can rise dramatically in later years. Typically guaranteed not to change for the life of the policy but some products are adjustable. Premiums tend to be higher than term insurance when you're younger but will be lower than term when you're older. Cost of the insurance may be:
  • guaranteed and level,
  • increase each year or
  • be a combination of both.
Cash value None A cash value usually accumulates, and is paid to you upon cancellation. Payments made, in excess of required cost of insurance, can be invested and grow tax-deferred.